Wet Area Cubicles


We have a wide variety and range of wet area cubicles. Our systems are advantageous in terms of saving space as compared to brick wall partitions. Their aesthetic outlook nicely complements modern rest room interiors.


Our wet area cubicles come in door, post and divider panels in 13mm Thick Compact Laminate. All mounting brackets are in stainless steel and also available in Gold Finish.


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Locker Systems


We offer locker systems to meet every style and function. It is ideal for full length storage requirements. For sports facilities such as gym and other facilities. Given the space, we design to fit as well as meet the clients needs.


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Internal Wall Cladding


Sanitized treated Internal Wall cladding compact product is suitable for the fitting of treatment areas, operating theatres, classrooms and common or shared areas.


We also have anti-bacterial high pressure compact laminate specially suited for medical centers such as hospitals, laboratories etc., integrated within the material in order to assure antibacterial protection throughout its cycle.


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