Established in 2015, Produkts Ltd is a procurement company that operates within the sphere of the construction industry in Ghana. Produkts is well equipped with the range and quality to meet the needs and specification of our clients to the last detail. Whether furnishing large or small corporate spaces, training or conferencing facilities.  Produkts has the capacity to match and exceed client expectations even in the most unlikely situation.


From our inception, we have provided maximum benefit to our clients through competitive pricing, scalable capabilities and building lasting partnerships. Produkts is committed to providing a source of economies of scale on projects and to also handle and manage the procurement process from beginning to the end.


What is more, we are constantly developing new lines and working with our valued clients to provide innovative furnishing solutions.



By 2020 we will be a leading supplier & installer of specialty finishing products and furniture across West Africa.


We believe that to be truly successful, a business needs to deeply understand its customers and environment, and strive to provide the best services and products to reach this goal. We currently deliver such results for our clients by providing the following products and services.



  • We supply and install specialty finishing products and furniture for Companies, Corporations, Institutions and Government entities.


  • We only represent brands that mirror our passion for excellence in both product and service.


  • We thoroughly understand the products we represent and we are relentlessly focused on using them to bring success to our client’s projects.


  • We are building and developing a team of bright passionate professionals incentivized to stay with us and deliver excellence consistently.


  • We give back our time, our money, and our skills to help improve the communities where we live and work.